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Kelly Brogan MD, specializing in holistic women’s healthy psychiatry, including perinatal nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental medicine considerations for mom and baby.

When Kelly Brogan MD came to us she originally wanted to revamp her old school, homemade website to attract more patients, but then switched gears, decided she was going to write a book, and asked us to build a site and create an online strategy that would help her become known to the world.

Arancia created a logo for Kelly Brogan MD that represents all at once a stork’s bundle, a pregnant woman’s profile and womb, and a piece of fruit, at the same time emphasizing the holistic nature of what she does by showing the inner and outer / mental and physical layers wrapped in her initials.

We incorporated this logo into a fresh, clean, custom WordPress based web design and anchored this into a content strategy leveraging SEO and automated content sharing along with carefully chosen social media outlets and a MailChimp email campaign.

And finally, we taught her a backend strategy for filtering and promulgating content from likeminded blogs and websites using a framework built on top of mostly free internet services and the aforementioned social media outlets.



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